Who We Are

So who are the characters in my story anyway? Are you losing track of who's who with all my mystery naming? Here's your guide to the Francesca Writes Here family and friends.

In our home

Francesca - that's me
Hubby - my husband
MissyMoo1 - my daughter, aged 8
MissyMoo2 - my daughter, aged 6
MissyMoo3 - my daughter, aged 4
The Fat Cat - our cat

Extended family

Nonna and Par - my parents
Gran and Soot - Hubby's parents
Uncle J - Hubby's brother & MissyMoo1's Godfather
Aunty J - Hubby's sister & MissyMoo1's Godmother
Aunty E - my sister
Zio N - my uncle (Nonna's brother)
Zio P - my uncle (Nonna's brother), my Godfather and MissyMoo2's Godfather
Zia V - my aunt (Zio P's wife), MissyMoo2's Godmother

Friends who are like family

Gina - my friend and MissyMoo3's Godmother
B - my friend and MissyMoo3's Godmother

Family overseas

Cugina C - one of my cousins in Sicily
Zia P - my mother's aunty in Sicily

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  1. Hi Francesca,
    Thank you kindly for your book review of "Run Tree Run" which I illustrated. It's always fantastic to get nice feedback.
    Kind Regards
    Boris Silvestri


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