22 February 2016

Learn to Write Again

It's been such a long time! I could barely remember my blog's login!

Oh, how I've missed you!

Days went by without posting, then weeks, now it has been months. I didn't think all that much about the blog, to be honest, until recently ... except when alcohol made me want to "be a blogger again" throughout the silly season - you can picture it, can't you?!

What I have really missed is writing the sequel to Returning. My characters are becoming strangers again, and I long to reacquaint myself with them. Recently, three people from completely different areas of my life, three days in a row, said wonderful things about Returning and asked me how the sequel was going. It was a welcome surprise. You haven't forgotten, even though I as good as had. I took it as a sign that I should not forget this story within me. I became motivated again. I want to write again.

Rita will no longer be trapped (in her teenage body) between the dusty pages of my notebook. She will continue her story.

Let's do this thing. Time to get writing again.

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