28 July 2015

Non-Travel Holiday Diary - Day 2

  • 14,274 steps
  • Had MissyMoo3 (3) at home with me
  • Did reading with MissyMoo2's (6) kindy class = beautiful. I love getting to know the kids and I love how happy it makes my kids when I can help out at school.
  • Visited my grandmother - she's had a rough couple of months with her health. She was in great spirits, telling me stories about her siblings growing up. So nice to just sit and listen to her.
  • Took MissyMoo3 to the library and borrowed books for all the kids (and me too!)
  • Home for lunch and a play
  • A friend came over for coffee.
  • Picked the big kids up from school
  • MissyMoo2 had a friend over to play (something we can't usually do, as I walk through the door at dinner time on a Tuesday when I'm working)
  • Out for dinner with friends = lots of laughs.

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