15 April 2015

Chasing My Tail

Life can be such a juggling act.

It's school holidays, but I'm working through, with only Fridays off to spend with the MissyMoos, as I'm saving my leave for later in the year. Meal planning has gone out the window, with my first proper grocery shop in a couple of weeks having been crammed in one afternoon after work earlier this week. The day I get an opportunity to wash sheets and towels, the heavens open. The ironing basket is overflowing. My novel-in-progress and blog lie neglected. It's Eurovision in a few weeks and I haven't even checked out Guy Sebastian's song yet! In short, the systems I have in place to manage life as a working mum of three have fallen apart and the effect is chaotic!

This, my friends, is the neverending story!


Free time is family time. Nights which would previously have been spent writing or catching up on housework have been spent as quality time with my husband. Weekends are spent doing things together, enjoying our surroundings. Day-to-day drudgery has been put on the back-burner, replaced by time with loved ones, prioritised and cherished. I've also been taking care of me - reading books, eating a sweet supper before bed, a sneaky glass of wine. In short, enjoying life.

The pendulum has swung. It will possibly need to swing back a little the other way before I go missing in an avalanche of unwashed linen, however, no longer will I work so hard that I forget to have a laugh or do something just because I want to. Why take on all the responsibility of being an adult and forgo the fun and freedom which adulthood brings?

Yes, I need to work in a paid job, but I quite like what I do and it's a great job. Yes, the children need to be bathed, fed, helped with homework, have their clothes washed - but I love them and I want to help them. Yes, I'm trying to write the sequel to Returning, but that's because I enjoy writing. The work won't go away, but the fun doesn't have to either.

I choose to enjoy this blessed life I have. I refuse to let negativity take control.

I will smile, I will laugh, I will love. Every day.


  1. Francesca, this post resonates with me so much! My life has been relatively out of control lately, and I'm trying to squeeze too much work into too few hours. Your reminder to enjoy life -- to take care of yourself -- is something that I absolutely need. (One more week until I submit my grades for the semester, and then I hope to reclaim some of that elusive balance!)

    Thanks for this post! It's encouraging!

  2. Awesome attitude to have lovely. It is so hard to balance it all but as long as we are happy and making the most of every day little else matters. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way xx


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