09 January 2014

Lyrics: Posso Avere Un Gelato

I've written about this before, but one way I like to teach Italian to the MissyMoos is through song. Play School and The Wiggles have contributed to my knowledge of simple songs for kids using the Italian language and I thank them for their contribution to this cause  ;-)

Original image sources here and here

One such song appeared on an episode of Play School a couple of years ago. I memorised it and taught it to the MissyMoos

Posso avere un gelato
Un gelato grande grande
Posso avere un gelato
Un gelato tutto per me.
A week or two ago, this song was on Play School again - the MissyMoos were so excited to hear it and they joined in! Their young brains are sponges soaking up linguistic and musical goodness :-)

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  1. How cute! We'll have to start watching more Play School and Wiggles in our house. I can just imagine us all getting the gelato song stuck in our heads! :)


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