19 August 2013

Pearlie Books, MissyMoo1 and Twitter

As today is the first day of Book Week, I thought I would blog about a series of books which MissyMoo1 (6) loves to read.

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Pearlie is a fairy and she lives in Jubilee Park. There is a whole series of these books written by Wendy Harmer. They are filled with lovely Pearlie adventures, fun illustrations and eye-catching colours. It's unashamedly Australian and lots of fun for young readers.

MissyMoo1 is in Year 1. She first borrowed this book early this year from her school library and I read it to her one night before she went to sleep. A couple of months ago, she borrowed a different one and read it all by herself. It was hard slog the first time, but she persevered and asked me when she got stuck on some of the more difficult words. After that experience, she has been borrowing a different one each week and has been able to read them unaided.

So today, in Book Week, I wanted to say how excited I am that MissyMoo1 has found books she enjoys reading. The love of reading which these books have helped to cultivate and the consequent improvement in MissyMoo1's abilities makes me want to do a little jig (but I'll spare you seeing that).

Being blogriffic and twittertastic, I tweeted Wendy Harmer thanking her for these books and for contributing to my daughter's love of reading. I wasn't expecting a response, as she has in excess of 21,000 followers - I just wanted to put my positive opinion out there. Anyway, much to my surprise, Wendy responded to my tweet! That night, I told MissyMoo1 that I wrote to the Pearlie books' author to tell her that MissyMoo1 liked them so much. I then told her that the author had written back and, well, you couldn't have wiped the smile off MissyMoo1's face if you had tried that night. She was so excited she had trouble getting to sleep. So thank you twice, Wendy Harmer: for the joy your books bring to little girls and for appreciating your fans.

For more information you can check out the website here: http://www.wendyharmer.com/childrensbooks.html

Disclaimer: There is nothing to disclaim. I haven't received anything in exchange for my opinion, just the joy of a parent watching their child find something they love to do.


  1. I've only read one of the Pearlie Books, but I liked it too. Wendy has quite a few hats going doesn't she!

  2. Oh how lovely. There's just something about seeing children enjoying books that makes me feel all warm inside. My 20 month old has only just started to get into books which is fabulous and I'm always on the lookout for recommended books!

    1. My 22 month old loves the "In the Night Garden" books :)

  3. Wow she must be a great reader - how cool!! We are nearing the end of Prep and my 5.5 year old is getting there with reading but it's not easy! I can't wait until she can get books out she loves, what level is this? Do you know? xxx

    1. Yeah Emily, she is doing really well - it has seemed to really click for her in the past couple of months. She's in Year 1, but the Pearlie books are on the Years 3 to 4 list for the NSW Premier's Reading challenge, so they're a bit ahead of her age reading level. When she was starting to find reading a bit easier, she borrowed a harder book and managed to get through it (the first Pearlie book she read alone) - it was hard for her at the time, but I think it just did wonders for her confidence and her enjoyment of reading. I remember the same thing happening to me at her age, which is why I was happy for her to try something that was a bit "too hard" so she could struggle a bit, and learn a lot!


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