14 April 2013

My week in bullet points

Here is my weekly summary of what we've been up to. For those of you who haven't seen this series of posts from me before, it's a way of helping me keep up with milestones, what we've been up to as a family and general bits and pieces, and is particularly for those weeks that fly by without me having a chance to post much on the blog. It can also serve as a reminder to me to write a longer post on one of the bullet points here and there down the track when time permits.

  • The week did not start off well. Miss yMoo3 (18 months) vomited twice first thing Monday morning. Thankfully, that was it for the day and nobody else got sick. Monday was a day of cuddles, washing and staying at home.
  • This week I had my parent/teacher interview with MissyMoo1's (6) teacher. All good :-) She's settled and comfortable, and learning really well. I'm so proud of how big she's getting, how much she enjoys learning and all she can do. 
  • IT'S SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! Hubby has some time off, so it's going to be AWESOME! (Except for the slight inconvenience that I'm still working). We've already started the weekend off well and I'll post about it later on once I've been bothered to upload my photos to the computer.
  • My blog reached 40,000 pageviews! To celebrate, I changed its look ... and then changed it again ... I daresay I will change it again at least one more time in the near future :-)


  1. WOOOOHOOOOO well done on 40k views !!!!
    I love your post in bullet points - always good to find out what you have been up to and it doesn't take long to read !!!!
    Have the best day !

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I got this one up before the computer broke. Commenting is ok on the phone but I'm not going to write long blog posts from it!


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