16 January 2013

Getting organised: did it work?

A while back, I created a timetable of my week in a bid to get organised and better allocate my time for housework. Some of you would have read my blog post all about it – it is currently my second most popular post of all time (although I have a feeling that my most popular post’s stats have been propped up by the spammers!).

I updated the schedule earlier in the week to suit our slightly different routine for 2013 and I thought it a good opportunity to let you know how things went.

Did it work? The short answer is: sort of.

It was a great visual aid for me to be able to see what I was doing with my time and where the opportunities were for housework and down time.

Did I stick to it? This is why the answer above was only a ‘sort of’ and not a resounding ‘yes’. I definitely tried, but I didn’t stick to it like glue. It was more of an aid for me than a strict timetable. I’m a ‘daily list’ person. The table helped me to remember the things I needed to have on my ‘to do’ list each day, so it helped to decrease the likelihood that a task would be overlooked, but it did nothing to change the fact that the task might make the ‘to do’ list but then be ignored!

It worked enough. I stuck to it enough. The fact that I’m using the idea again for 2013 is testament to that. I am hopeful that it will play its part in helping our household run smoothly this year.


  1. I have a similar sort of schedule...I basically know what needs to be done when.
    But I find one of the hardest parts of being a working mother is that you really don't have much wiggle room...if something on the to do list doesn't get done then it might be weeks before I have time to revisit it...this is likely why I get stressed when my to do list get too long!

  2. I have been considering doing something similar to ensure 2013 is alot more organised. Thanks for sharing this - you have me thinking.

  3. I use my diary. Can't remember what I need to do if I don't have my diary in front of me. My biggest problem in carrying through is the ....' I can't be bothered' feeling.... ;)

  4. I love a good list! There's something very satisfying about ticking things off. If I'm honest, sometimes I even write down things I've already done! ;)

  5. Great reminder. I always start the year off with a calendar and diary but it all becomes a bit scrambled when things get busy! Love teh schedule :)

  6. Last week, I tried for the first time to plan my days hour by hour. I found it very hard to stick with the planning but it helped me to see what I was doing during my days and where I was spending all my time... I decided to give it a go again this week...

  7. Great idea, I still haven't got my act together... but No.1 starts school in a week so I'd better start trying right?! :)

  8. I think this is something that would work well for me also. I am a compulsive list maker so this plays to my personality.

  9. Well done! You've reminded me...I need to get organised with a timetable like that! Thanks for the motivation! :)


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