29 July 2012

C-a-a-r, C-a-a-a-a-r! MissyMoo1's library book

Tomorrow is Monday.

I anticipate that the morning's preparation for the school run will be tinged with sadness.

You see, Monday is library day for MissyMoo1's (5) class at school. Last week she borrowed this book

C-a-a-r C-a-a-a-a-r written by Geoff Havel and illustrated by Peter Kendall

... which means that tomorrow she will have to return it :-(

Hubby read it to the MissyMoos early last week and I was in stitches! It's a story about a car accident, which doesn't sound all that funny, but in each part of the story there is an animal noise inserted which adds to the comedic effect. The kidlets found it amusing because of the animal noises, and Hubby and I found it amusing because of what the animal noises were really saying (a couple of them went over the MissyMoos' heads).

I'm sure MissyMoo1 will be re-borrowing this one before the year is out!

I Spy in July: Barbie is so cool!

I spy with my little eye...

... the coolest girl's bike helmet in the history of cool girl bike helmets.

You didn't even realise it was a bike helmet, did you?

It's MissyMoo2's (3).

And the best part, which you can't see in this photo, is that there's even a number plate on the back!

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28 July 2012

I Spy in July: Italian Grammar Beckons

A few weeks ago, during one of my urges for self-improvement, I went onto ebay and ordered this:

I soon realised that before even looking at it though, I would have to go back to this:

The basic Italian grammar book is one which my parents have had for yonks. Par used to look through it and I did too. I discovered my teenage handwriting in there, having pencilled in verb conjugations. It was a nice feeling seeing it there - a link back to when I actually studied Italian.

I've managed to read through the first few chapters without coming across anything new - phew. Now to keep it up so I can make a start on my shiny new book. Time is the issue here. I don't want to put it away and let it gather dust, because I need to keep it fresh in my mind. I need to use it.

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27 July 2012

I Spy in July: Block Towers

I spy with my little eye...

...something all three MissyMoos can do together.

Sometimes is can be difficult to find things all three of the MissyMoos can do together. MissyMoo2 (3) can easily fit into big girl games with MissyMoo1 (5) as well as baby play with MissyMoo3 (10 months). However, often if MissyMoo3 is involved, there are restrictions on what the kids can play with: play dough goes in her mouth, non-duplo lego goes in her mouth, Barbie shoes go in her mouth ... you get the picture.

So out came the blocks, surprisingly, at MissyMoo1's suggestion. And what followed was fun, creativity and a finished construction with all the grandeur of a fairytale castle, complete with a window on top. I didn't last too long though. They love knocking down their castles - there's another thing they can all do together :-)

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Un libro nuovo

Qualche settimane fa, ho trovato questo libro su ebay:

L'ho comprato. Il negozio era in Inghilterra, quindi ho dovuto aspettare tre settimane per l'arrivo del libro. Durante queste tre settimane, ho realizzato che cominciare con quel libro forse sarà difficile senza prima studiare qualcosa più facile. Ho studiato l'italiano quando andavo al liceo ma pensavo che, dopo tutti questi anni, fare un po' di revisione era una buona idea.

Quindi, mia madre ha trovato questo:

Quando ho aperto questo libro, ho visto la mia scrittura di quando avevo 14 anni. Ho letto le prime 5 lezioni e ancora non ho trovato niente di nuovo. Adesso devo continuare a leggere questo libro e a ricordare tutto quello che ho già imparato. E poi, quando penso di essere pronta, quel libro nuovo sarà utilizzato :-)

26 July 2012

Thankful Thursday: Liebster Blog Love

I am so thankful this Thursday for bloggy things.

I have just received my fourth, yes, fourth Liebster blog award!!!!

My acceptance blog post will come later, as I have to put some thought into 11 interesting things about myself, hmm...

My blogging has been a little slow in the past couple of weeks. The initial adrenalin rush of being back at work and feeling like superwoman has worn off slightly, and a bit of fatigue has set in. The extra housework tasks which could be put off no longer, the extra bits of uncompleted ironing which have added up to a full basket , the need for early nights sometimes, has meant that blogging hasn't been as much of a priority recently.

But having received four of these awards - three of them in the past month or so - has given me a warm fuzzy feeling. I love the idea that some people not only read my little snippets about life, but have also thought of me when deciding who to pass their Liebster onto. The longer I do this, the more I feel like part of a community. Thanks to Holly, Schez, Carmen and Chrissie for thinking of me. Thanks also to every person who reads my blog posts and leaves comments. I love hearing your thoughts on what I write and I love interacting with you.


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23 July 2012

Liebster #3

Oooh, I am a lucky, lucky lady!

The lovely Carmen at Musings 'n' Mayhem nominated me for a Liebster blog award.

I'm feeling a bit special, as it's my third of these awards - thanks so much!

The Liebster is awarded to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The conditions that go with being nominated are:

1.Each person must post 11 facts about themselves
2. Each person must answer 11 questions set by the person who tagged them
3. Each person must set 11 questions for the people they tag
4. You can then choose 11 people and link them to your post (they should have 200 followers or less)
5. Tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.

11 Facts About Me

1. I love reading Roald Dahl books to my kids.

2. My alcoholic drink of choice at the moment is bacardi and chinotto (well, not right at this moment, it's the middle of the day!)

3. During my first year at uni, I would put on an Irish accent when I was drunk.

4. Although I am left-handed, I am right-footed.

5. I can't stand windy weather.

6. I get great satisfaction from squashing cockroaches. In our house, I'm the cockroach person and Hubby is the spider person.

7. If I spin around even once, I get dizzy. It started happening when I was pregnant with MissyMoo2 (3) and has happened ever since.

8. I'm a shorty.

9. The first time I ever played hockey, I played 7 games in a day (that was in 1999 and I haven't played since).

10. Sometimes I still don't feel as if I'm a grown up.

11. I never got into "The X Files".

11 Questions Carmen Asked Me

1. What were your goals as a child and did you achieve them?
As a young child I wanted to be a mother, so the answer to that one is "yes".

2. Do you consider yourself a logical or a lateral thinker?
I like to think of myself as logical, but I'm a closet lateral thinker.

3. Do you believe you need to fit in? Or stand out?
Both. I know, it's weird. I've always tried hard to fit in, but also wanted to be noticed. What can I say, I'm a walking contradiction.

4. What has been the happiest moment of your life?
When Fr Terry pronounced Hubby and I husband and wife.

5. Where do you find inspiration?
My kids, music.

6. If your children grow up to be teenagers like you were, would you worry?
Generally no, I was a very good girl. I would worry for them a bit though, because I think I took life way too seriously.

7. Do you have any regrets?
A few little ones. I wish I'd taken a year off to work/travel after school instead of wasting away a year drinking and then changing degrees anyway. I get sad about some situations that were largely out of my control, so "regret" probably isn't the right word there. But overall, the choices I've made have brought me where I am today, and I'm happy/

8. Where would you love to live most?
Hubby and I talk about this a lot. There's nowhere I'd drop everything to move off to, so right where I am is fine.

9. How would you like to see yourself in the next 10 years?
A loving wife & mother, a good role model for my kids, growing older with my growing family, developing professionally.

10. Who are your mentors/idols?
I can't narrow it down to name names. Just people generally who are able to be kind and positive when life seems determined to break them

11. What is your favourite treat?

Next bit
Now this is not like me, but I'm going to break the rules. As I have recently received and passed on the Liebster Blog Award, and as my list of intended award recipients hasn't changed since then, I won't do the awarding and tagging thing here. But to see the blogs I have previously awarded this fantabulous prize, see here.

Thanks so much, Carmen. I've got my big goofy grin on!


20 July 2012

Bloggy goals

I used to be a real goal-setter. In year 12 I even had the UAI I wanted to get written up on a piece of paper and stuck up onto my wall above my study desk. Following on from goal-making burnout during my uni years, that direction began to slip. I had bursts of motivation which got me through, but my drive was nothing like it had been as a teenager.

In recent years, coinciding with becoming a mother for the first time, all goal-setting was abandoned. I took leaving work to be a stay-at-home-mum as an opportunity to, for the first time in my adult life, take my foot off the accelerator. I wanted to try out "going with the flow", floating along life's current, letting it take me where it would, seeing what would happen.

The thing is, I've found that when I do that, I drift.

It was a good thing to do for a while. It was something I needed to try.

I've always been a list-writer, a planner, an organiser (well, most of the time. If you saw my filing cabinet at home, you wouldn't believe me but that's a work in progress, promise). I work best when I have something to work towards. My time for drifting was mind-numbingly good while it lasted, but now the time has come to plan, to think ahead, to try to picture things. I can't achieve a goal if it doesn't exist.

I'm applying this to a few facets of life right now, including blogging.

So, as far as blogging is concerned, here goes:

A year ago, I had just announced my excitement at having had 1000 pageviews on my blog. As at today, I have in excess of 13,000 pageviews. It's been a big 12 months! Thanks to all the lovely readers, old and new, who have been following my blog and encouraging my writing. From this springboard, let me just say that I had initially hoped to have had 15,000 all time pageviews by the end of the year. But given that there are still 5 months to go before the year is out, I'm going to aim a little higher. My goal is to have had 20,000 all time pageviews by the end of this calendar year. This will mean writing more posts and finding more readers. I hope it works out :-)

Facebook Fans
My blog has a Facebook fan page - check it out and "like" it if you haven't already. It's called "Francesca Writes Here" (Really? You don't say!). I currently have 72 people liking my page and 21 pages as fans, bringing my total fans to 93 (although Facebook doesn't count the pages in the "like" count). I'd love to have 120 fans in total by year-end.

A new milestone which I'm hoping to achieve this year is to have my first ad placed on my blog. (YES NUFFNANG, THIS IS DIRECTED AT YOU!!) I had wrestled with the ad versus ad-free dilemma. I had wondered whether there was a moral issue there, but ultimately decided that there is nothing wrong with attempting to make a meagre supplementary income from doing something I enjoy. I'm still not sure how I feel about writing sponsored posts - my eyes tend to glaze over when I read other people's. That's irrelevant at this stage, though, as I have never been approached to write one.

I will be steering away from hosting themes. It is now the 20th July and with only one other person having joined in on "I Spy in July" thus far (thanks Schez), I'll chalk that one up to experience. I'd prefer to write about what comes naturally at any particular time. It has been a good thing to try (particularly for keeping up with adding photos to blog posts) and I'll keep it up for the month, but I won't be one of those regular theme bloggers, except for joining in on Thankful Thursday (hosted by Kate Says Stuff).

So there you go, a few goals to keep my blogging going over the course of the year. I'll have to remember to do a de-brief post in December!

I Spy in July: It's Playschool!

I spy with my little eye...

We recently went to a Play School concert and brought some new friends home with us.

I love taking the MissyMoos to concerts. This was a special one, as it was the first time Hubby and I went together on a weekend. In the past it has always been either one of us who has taken the kids along to these sorts of things, so it was all five of us for the first time. MissyMoo1 (5) had been begging me to take her to a Play School concert since I chose not to go to one two weeks after MissyMoo2's (3) birth, when MissyMoo1 was only two and a half. Since then, I've kept missing them, hearing about them after they've been and gone, never getting tickets in time. This year, though, I saw the concert advertised when I took the little MissyMoos to The Wiggles concert and I bought the tickets for the five of us then and there.

This is a precious window of time in the children's lives during which they are all interested in the same kinds of (kiddy) things. With five years between my eldest and youngest children, I'm not kidding myself that this will always be the case. Having made it abundantly clear that she is too big for The Wiggles and Dora the Explorer, MissyMoo1 still enjoys Play School. MissyMoo3 (9 months) is big enough to sit up, crawl around, interact and be entertained by music and activity. MissyMoo2 (3) is smack bang in the middle and very much in the kiddy entertainment "zone".

The show went for about 45 mins - too short for MissyMoo1, but a good amount of time for little ones to be entertained without getting too restless. Jay and Abi were the presenters - both great singers and entertainers for the kids, as well as putting in a few bits and pieces to entertain the adults. And with our new friends to keep us going on the drive home, it was a very happy day indeed.

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19 July 2012

Writing Update

I've actually been working on my novel a bit tonight instead of being distracted by blogging, facebook, twitter, ironing, washing up ... okay, so maybe writing is really a distraction from ironing and washing up, but let's not let truth and logic get in the way of a good story.

So, my plan had been to get to 60,000 words tonight. But don't you already have 60,000 words? ask those of you who read my last blog post about this epic/saga of writing my first novel. Well, yes, I did. But you will also recall that the story had become a bit bogged down and, frankly, unworkable in my un-humble opinion. I am the boss of this story after all, I shouldn't have to be humble.

So what I have been doing since getting back in touch with my fictional characters is pretty much editing. I have been going through, paragraph by paragraph, the Word document I had before, copying and pasting it into a new working version, and changing things along the way. Some of it has been tinkering, some of it has been deleting slabs of prose (very difficult to do, by the way) and adding in new stuff.

I just got to the end of the old Word document (60,498 words) and my new version is 59,940 words. As I said, I wanted to reach 60,000 before I started writing this post but there has been a slight hiccup. You see, when I reached the end of the old Word document, I had not reached the part of the story I was up to when I finished writing. The Word document was an even more unfinished version of my unfinished story. I remember now that, due to the way our house was set up at the time, typing the novel was uncomfortable and the computer was not easily accessible, so I had found it more productive to get the story and ideas flowing on paper and then type it later, when I was tired and didn't much feel like thinking about the story (i.e. when the MissyMoos were asleep and I actually had an opportunity to access the then difficult-to-access computer). So there is at least one more chapter in the notebook. And it is a crucial chapter - one with a lot of explanation, one which would be a HUGE effort to rewrite from scratch.

Now the big question: where is the notebook?

I'm 100% sure I have not thrown it out. I'm 100% sure Hubby has not thrown it out. We have rearranged the house since I was using this notebook, so it is no longer under my bed where I had kept it in the thick of my last writing phase. The bed isn't even in the same place - MissyMoo1 (5) has that bedroom now. I have a couple of ideas of where it could be, so I will be exploring those in the morning. Let's hope the fairies haven't done away with it. But for tonight, the writing window has closed, and the washing up beckons.

Thankful Thursday: Silence

Normally when I get home from work, I pull into the garage, gather my things and take one last deep breath in the darkness before I launch into family life. I go straight upstairs into the brightness of the family room, to the excitement of three MissyMoos. Three little people coming towards me, two talking over the top of each other to tell me about their day, the other one squealing just to be heard. Dinner is sizzling, the kitchen exhaust fan is on, sometimes even the radio. Hubby dishes up dinner. I, still in my suit, launch into mamma mode, plonking MissyMoo3 (9 months) into the high chair and giving her the rest of her dinner, asking MissyMoo2 (3), MissyMoo1 (5) and Hubby about their days. The excitement of all being together again at the end of the day translates into noise and over-stimulation. And so our evening begins...

Last night when I got home from work, things were different. I parked in the driveway beside the garage, as the roller door was shut and the remote is kept in the family car, not the little runabout I drive on my work days. I entered the house through the front door instead of through the garage. There were no shouts of "Muuuuuuuum" coming from upstairs, hastening my re-entrance into family live for the evening. Instead of going upstairs to the family room, I made my way to my bedroom. I got changed, slowly, deliberately suppressing my urge to rush in all things. Only after I was comfortable did I make my way upstairs, heading straight for the couch.
I listened, letting the sound of silence hum through my ears.

I stayed still.

For ten whole minutes.

I had nothing to do - no driving, no reading, no typing. It was just me.

Then I heard the roller door open and the family car pull into the garage. I closed my book and went downstairs into the darkness of the garage to launch back into family life. Hubby had taken the MissyMoos out to pick up some take-away food for dinner and had given me something precious: silence.

It may only have been ten minutes. But that is all I needed to be ready for the evening. That is all I wanted before being excited to see my lovely family again to end our day together.

For this, I am thankful.

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16 July 2012

I Spy in July: Home-Grown

I spy in July...

...lemons from our tree.

A few years ago, we planted a lemon tree in our backyard. For a year or so now, it has been bearing fruit - and lots of it! I wish I could take some credit for this, but Hubby has put in all the work - planting, watering and feeding it.

The MissyMoos love picking ripe lemons from the tree and the smell of them freshly picked is just beautiful. I love being able to use something we've grown ourselves in our cooking. And for the leftover lemons, Hubby squeezes the juice from them and we add lemon juice to water for drinking (sometimes).

We have a decent sized backyard and sometimes I think it would be wonderful to plant a veggie patch again (we had one when MissyMoo1 was a baby - and it produced a decent amount of veg - but it didn't last long past my starting full-time work). I have this romantic idea about producing some of our own food: herbs, tomatoes, peas, corn, and having a few laying hens running around the back section of the yard. I like the idea of growing our own stuff - on one level as an achievement in itself and on another level, as a bonus it might reduce the cost of the weekly food shop while being miles fresher than the supermarket stuff.

I have had this picture of our backyard functional garden in my head for quite a while, but haven't gotten around to doing anything about it. I have had many excuses over the years: pregnancy and newborn-associated reasons, as well as just finding other things to do with my time. It may not happen this spring. In fact, it probably won't. But even so, I am happy to be able to say that we have a bowl of home-grown lemons sitting on the bench just waiting to nourish us.

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15 July 2012

Kidspeak Gems: MissyMoo1

The other night, MissyMoo1 (5) was in a very sweet mood. She told me she loves me "as sweet as a butterfly, flower, rainbow, fairy, pony, unicorn."

All the good stuff!

12 July 2012

Thankfulest Thursday: Hip, hip hooray!!

So, last time we spoke about hips, I was nervous and anxious. The time before that, I was upset. Now I'm




Hubby took MissyMoo2 (3) to an appointment last week, which was the kind one could take a bit of positive from, but it was not altogether settling. The specialist (who was not her usual specialist, as he was off sick) noted some improvement, but also talked some surgery talk. He said he would consult with MissyMoo2's usual specialist and he would call me back. I still haven't received a phone call.

On Tuesday this week, Hubby took MissyMoo2 to a private specialist for a second opinion (we did this last year too, and we found it to be very helpful). This specialist was happy with the improvement. Although her left hip isn't normal, given the fact that it is still improving, that it isn't all that bad and she has no (and has never had any) restriction or indication of a problem with her movement, he said we can wait until she is 5 for her next follow-up!

That's two years away.

The first time we were aware of a problem was when she was twelve months old: two years ago.

The amount of time that this has been hanging over our heads now equals the amount of time during which we don't even need to think about it!

When Hubby called me to tell me, I felt physically lighter. I think I may have danced a little jig in my swivelly chair.

So this Thursday I am so, so, so, so thankful.

I am thankful that I don't need to worry about having to make a terrifying decision. I am thankful that we do not have to worry about MissyMoo2 having to go through surgery and the aftermath. I am thankful for a family life not disrupted by it all. I am thankful that we are no longer living in limbo, wondering if or when surgery would have to happen.

I am thankful for the prayers and kind thoughts of family, friends and all of you.

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11 July 2012

I Spy in July: Work Shoes

I spy with my little eye ...

...my work shoes, a symbol of a new chapter in our lives. When I spy these shoes, I see:

  • no longer being in pregnant land and therefore able to wear a shoe with a heel;
  • now having an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes (with no associated guilt);
  • no longer being defined only by being my children's mother; and
  • fun.

I know I've been going on about work a bit lately. See here, here and here. But that's only because it's such a big change in our lives - a milestone in my adult life.

The funny thing is that a couple of the bloggers whose blogs I read have also been posting about this same topic, both of them returning to work from maternity leave two or three weeks after I did. Bree from Twinkle in the Eye is having a bit of a hard time emotionally returning to work after having her first child. I've been there. It's so hard. I definitely went through a kind of grieving process when I started a full-time job when MissyMoo1 (5) was 9 months old. It was a hard period for me, for our family. I can't say that I regret it because without having done that, I would not have the job I have now, but I'll just say that I don't know how I stuck at it for as long as I did. Jodi from Mummyhood101 has just returned to work after maternity leave with her second child. She is comfortable with the idea of working, but just isn't too fussed about her job.

Reading these blogs and reflecting on my own varying responses on returning to work from child to child has made it so obvious to me that everyone's story and response is different, between people but also for the same people at different stages of their lives. So for anyone out there who is having a hard time adjusting to being a working parent, please realise that we're all coming from different places and dealing with different things in our lives.

To be completely honest, this time around, going back to work has been a blessing. Yes, I miss my children and yes, it can be hard sometimes, particularly when MissyMoo3 (9 months) won't drink her bottles during the day and MissyMoo2 (3) sooks for her mum. Yes, we're fortunate to have the MissyMoos being looked after by their Nonna while I'm at work. And now, with five weeks of it under my belt, how is it going? Some of the initial swanning around gloss has worn off slightly. I mean, it's not a walk in the park, it's work. While it's nice to be able to enjoy a coffee, I'm not paid to drink coffee all day. I have work to do. A lot of it. I have returned to a governance job in the superannuation industry in the thick of massive regulatory reform, so yes, I am going to be busy. But there's still a lot of gloss there people. I'm enjoying getting stuck into something new, I'm motivated, feeling positive and seeing our lives move into a new phase makes me happy.

And pretty, impractical shoes make me happy too.

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07 July 2012

I Spy in July: Bookiness

I spy with my little eye...

I have just finished reading this book. It was my birthday present from my in-laws.

I won't review it, except to say that I found the story intriguing and enjoyable despite the brutality in parts (I get a little squeamish at that kind of stuff).

The purpose of this post is not to review the book. I don't often do book reviews, except when I feel really strongly about a book I have read, as I did in April. Once I've read a book, I like to move on, rather than dwell on it to review it, and I always wonder if I might give too much away in a review. Let's just say that I lack confidence and motivation in the book reviewing area. This Charming Mum does great book reviews if you're looking for that in a blog.

No, not a book review, the "I Spy" is my inspiration to tell you about my enjoyment of reading.

I used to read so much pre-children. As a child and teenager, I day-dreamed that my adult home would contain a room of wall-to-wall bookshelves filled with books: my very own library. This is far from reality right now. I own quite a few books (not as many as I'd like though), but a dedicated library is still a dream along with winning lotto and owning a mansion.

Post-children, I know my limitations with reading, so m y goal this year is realistic: I want to average one book per month. So far I'm right on track. Since having children, I have a love-hate relationship with reading novels. I love to read them, and if I'm reading a good one, I don't like to put it down. I get caught up in the story and the characters - the book is always in the back of my mind. The "hate" side of this relationship with reading, though, is that I become distracted as a mother. I find excuses to read and so do less child-watching and housework. This is something I really must be mindful of now that MissyMoo3 (9 months) is crawling. It is also something I must be more mindful of now because, with two days per week out of the house at work, there is less of a buffer to procrastinate with housework.

Now that this book is finished, I'm wondering what to read next. An e-book on Google Play (I have a few free classics on there as yet unread)? An oldie from the bookshelf I haven't read in a while? A random from the town library?

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06 July 2012

I Spy in July: A lounge room divided

I spy with my little eye...

...a split between the girls in this house.

As I type, MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (3) are firmly entrenched in camp crayon, while MissyMoo3 (9 months) and I inhabit camp snot.

Yes, I'm rehashing old photos, but I spy it, so why make life difficult?! (Dianna from Married With a Blog mentioned PicMonkey in a recent post. This is my first attempt at a photo collage but I think I'll be playing on that site a bit more when I get the chance).

Anyway, with craft sprawl and runny noses, I know that in this scenario mum comes off second best in our house this morning ... or fourth best actually.

Time for a herbal tea...

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05 July 2012

I Spy in July, Thankful Thursday: Tissues

Yes, I'm lazy, so I'm combining two themes today.

I spy with my little eye...

... and for this I am thankful.

After holding out through two months of cold weather, the germs hit our house a couple of days ago. MissyMoo3's (9 months) cold and cough has returned - this time she's on anti-biotics and it's helping. MissyMoo2 (3) has been lethargic and yesterday MissyMoo1 (5) complained of a sore throat and ears. Hubby had a raspy throat a couple of days ago and mine has been a little bit that way for the past day.

As far as sickness goes, though, this is nothing. We're still functioning as normal - we're not bed-ridden or miserable. We're eating well and taking our vitamins. Things are better today. As long as we all get a decent sleep tonight, I think we'll be right as rain tomorrow (touch wood).

Considering some of the flu stories I have been hearing from friends and reading on blogs, I'm thankful this Thursday that so far we've managed to avoid the worst of everything that's going around.

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04 July 2012

Kidspeak Gems: MissyMoo2

F: Goodnight, my angel.

MissyMoo2 (3): I'm not an angel, I can't fly.

03 July 2012

I Spy In July: Sleeping Beauty

I spy with my little eye...

...a beautiful little girl, peacefully sleeping. Her chest rises and falls, slowly, evenly, with slumber's gentle breaths.

What will tomorrow hold for you, my dear child? I dream that you will emerge beaming, with the future looking bright ahead, without pain, without fear, without dread.

I spy, with my teary eye, an innocent angel, unaware of what lies ahead. I fear for you, for deep down I know, tomorrow will not be bright. My prayers will not be answered in the way I want them to be. I am not in control. If only I could be.

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02 July 2012

I Spy In July: Carousel of Confusion

I spy with my little eye...

The carousel of confusion:

This was one of MissyMoo2's (3) birthday presents. We have named it after a phrase in the Barbie "Mermadia" movie. (The big MissyMoos love this movie and love pretending to be Bibble). Yes, that is Dora plastered all over the thing. We like mixing our characters in this house.

Also known as the "carousel of colour" and the "carousel of craft", the carousel is a winner. With crayons, textas, pencils and a stamp on top, it can keep the big MissyMoos amused for up to half an hour at a time, often without arguing (miraculous!). We have had a lot of rainy days in the past couple of weeks, so it has had good use already.

It's just that we don't have anywhere to put it. It's currently sitting on the dining table, and the pile of artistic oeuvres grows and spreads, it appears, on an hourly basis. My little strategies for containing craft, which I have developed over the past twelve months (saving some good stuff for their folders, putting some on their bedroom walls, sending some to relatives, recycling) are ill-equipped to deal with this onslaught ... and today is only the first official day of school holidays! The carousel is moved away for mealtimes and then takes pride of place again once the table is cleared of food and plates. It has even displaced the fruit bowl in the middle of the table. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind and entertaining the big MissyMoos, I suppose. And they do come up with some cute drawings.

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01 July 2012

I Spy In July: Lone Tooth

I spy with my little eye ...

A lone tooth!

Poor MissyMoo3 (9 months) is a little behind her sisters in the tooth department. For someone who has been showing signs of teething since she was 3 months old, this is all she has to show for it. For two thirds of her little life, there has been the on-again, off-again dribbling, rosy cheeks, incessant chewing, disgusting poos ... and she still has 19 of the little pegs to go - eek.

One consequence of this toothlessness has been that I've been a bit slower introducing lumpier food. MissyMoo3 doesn't have the runny stuff any more - she eats mashed food - but giving her food with soft pieces of veggies freaks me out a bit.

She still looks like a "baby baby" to me with so little happening in the dental department. A crawling, getting-up-on-her-knees "baby baby". Hubby did her hair yesterday in a little pony tail on the top of her head and she looked like pebbles from "The Flinstones", with her top knot and lone tooth. Actually, she has more hair than her sisters did at this stage. Maybe she's concentrating her growing efforts to the top of her head instead of inside her mouth.

They're all different, aren't they?

And delightful :-)

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