23 September 2011

Hometown Hopes

A couple of weeks ago a friend at work was telling me about her recent trip to her hometown. She said that while it was nice to be home, it wasn't the same now that she had been away for a few years.

It got me thinking about my hometown and my daydreams in the past few years. Hubby and I are both from the country (different places) and we've often toyed with the idea of moving back to a smaller town or city, but life just hasn't taken us down that path.

As a teenager I couldn't wait to get out of my hometown so that I could meet new people and see new things. Now as a mother of young children, I often reflect on what a great place it would be to raise a family. I have in the past daydreamed about moving back there, even though my parents don't live there any more. I haven't been back in about 6 years - now that I don't have family or really close friends there, there just doesn't seem to be much reason to make the trip - although I would like to get back there someday.

Lately though, I think as a reflection of how settled I now am here, the daydream about going back to my hometown hasn't quite seemed so rosy or easy. The thought of actually moving away makes me realise how much I would miss my family, new friends, community, parish and soon to be school, and my job. The MissyMoos have only ever known this place. I've finally gotten to the point now of running into people I know when I walk down the street at my local shops and just being able to stop for a chat - something I haven't experienced since living in my hometown so many years ago.

I realise that something I have longed for in recent years - the familiarity of my hometown - is something we're recreating as a family right now for our children. We're making our own little hometown right here :-)

38 weeks

It has been an interesting week!

This has been my first full week off work. It was great to spend those extra couple of days with the MissyMoos at the start of this week.

There have been no new notable ailments this week, but there has been an increase in the pains / cramping, which I've read is called pre-labour...

On Wednesday I had another ante-natal appointment as, at this stage of the pregnancy, the appointments are weekly. This was the big one I was looking forward to, as it was when the obstetrician would examine me and tell me when or whether I could be induced at 39 weeks as he had indicated would be the plan at my appointment a week earlier. Well, the check-up went very well. The doctor said that I was already 3cm dilated (which means those pains I've been having have actually been doing something)! That really surprised me, as MissyMoo1 was born 9 days overdue, and that didn't happen before I was induced with MissyMoo2. I didn't expect my body to be preparing for labour before 38 weeks.

So, thanks to my body already doing a bit of the prep work, the induction has been booked in for next week (unless I go into labour earlier)!! I won't tell you which day, just to keep a bit of mystery around it all. Let's just say that there won't be any blog post entitled "39 weeks"!

So, this time next week, MissyMoo3 will be here. I still can't quite believe it. Part of me is nervous about having a new baby - after all, I'm used to being pregnant, but it's been a couple of years since I had a newborn baby. But I know that I've done it before, a couple of times, so Hubby, the MissyMoos and I will all get by together.

All of me is nervous about the birth...

So keep me in your thoughts. If you're that way inclined, say a few prayers - I sure have been and will be. Things may be slow on the blog front over the next few weeks but I'll update on everything when I'm home from hospital and have the opportunity to spend a block of time on the computer.


18 September 2011

37 weeks

On Friday MissyMoo  reached 37 weeks gestation. According to my pregnancy books and my weekly email update from http://www.birth.com.au/, MissyMoo3 is a full term baby from this point on. So the bun in the oven is cooked! Now we wait...

This past week hasn't been at all bad with ailments, just some Braxton Hicks and a general feeling of heaviness.

This past week also saw me finishing up at work. It doesn't quite feel like I'm on maternity leave yet, mainly because my part-time days allow me to be at home at the end of the week anyway. I think come Monday it will sink in though when I don't have to rush out the door with MissyMoo1 (4) for an early pre-school drop-off and a trip to work.

I had an ante-natal check up during the week which went really well. Things are still very much on track with MissyMoo3's size and the gestational diabetes. I still haven't had to increase my dose of medication (thank goodness) and now I'm in the home straight. We discussed "birth plan" and thankfully the midwife was very practical about my wanting an epidural, as I've had them in the past. (I thought she was going to be all "natural birth" on me and I'd have to argue my case). So now it's written in. Let's hope that the midwives on duty are that agreeable when I'm actually in labour!

12 September 2011

Lunch Break

I took this photo on a stroll in my lunch break last week.
It's a pretty decent view to be greeted with on a work day!

09 September 2011

36 weeks

This past week it has really felt like I'm in the last part of the pregnancy, mainly because of the many notable ailments which have appeared (or reappeared), namely:

  • Braxton Hicks - those painless tightenings which are supposed to be signs of the body preparing for labour (which can begin many weeks before the real deal - I know that from experience!);
  • Dull tummy pains, like period pains;
  • Swollen feet - this happened a couple of times during the week when the weather was warm and I'd been on my feet a lot during the day;
  • Leg cramps - I had a fun one at 3:30am Tuesday. I had to get up and walk from my bedroom to the lounge room and back three times to get rid of it; and
  • Stretched abdominal muscles - yes it is possible to pull a muscle by merely getting up from the couch. I've managed to do it twice today, once on each side at the base of my belly.
To top that all off I've been fighting a cold for the past couple of days. But the MissyMoos were so good yesterday and played without arguing while I had a lie down for a couple of hours. I didn't sleep but the rest was just what I needed to stave off the sickness. Gorgeous MissyMoo1 (4) kept coming in to check on me - she was my little nurse.

Today I went for another ultrasound to check on the baby's size. Last night I had a dream that I was told I was having twins, but I didn't let the dream worry me too much. It was to be my sixth ultrasound this pregnancy so I figured they would have picked up something like that by now! I was, however, a tad nervous about how big MissyMoo3 would be.

MissyMoos 1 & 2 came along too as they love the cool playroom in the waiting room. It has a slippery dip, books and lego. The were quite disappointed that we didn't have to wait too long until I was called in for the scan. They came in with me and were both in awe of what they were seeing on the big screen. Well, MissyMoo1 spent a lot of time looking at the screen; MissyMoo2 (2) was quite excited by the goop on my belly.

Thankfully, the scan didn't take too long and the MissyMoos behaved (all except MissyMoo3 who wouldn't show us her face on the 3D scan). The sonographer confirmed once again that MissyMoo3 is a girl. And the best bit of the day was that MissyMoo3's measurements were all bang on the 50th percentile line. I was so relieved. Lets hope she can keep up the good work for the next four (or less!) weeks and be an average-sized bubba for her Mamma :-)

07 September 2011

Big School - The First Step

MissyMoo1 had her first foray into the world of big school this morning. She will be starting school next year, but this morning her school had a two hour screening session - a morning where next year's kindergarten gather in small groups and do activities to give the teachers a snapshot of what they're like and what stage of development they are up to.

MissyMoo1 was a little nervous this morning. She has been saying for ages that she is really excited about big school next year, but I think that when it came to actually going there this morning she was a little overwhelmed.

When we arrived at the school we immediately saw some friends which seemed to relax her, but she still seemed very shy (which she usually is outside the home anyway). We made our way over to the meeting place in the schoolyard and sat down while we waited for things to get underway. She sat close to me but she was pretty happy. We sat through most of the children being called until her name was called for the last group. She happily got up and made her way to the teacher, smiled and waved at me and didn't look back when they walked off to the classroom.

I was fine. It was just like dropping her off at pre-school. I think it will be different next year though when I am sleep-deprived, emotional and she's running off in a school uniform...

When I picked her up two hours later, when she saw me her face lit up and she ran to me. I asked: "How was your morning?" and she replied: "I love school!"

This was one of the handouts she had from her morning:

That just about sums it up!

05 September 2011

2000 pageviews!

Francesca Writes Here has now been viewed more than 2000 times!

This is fantastic and even more amazing when I see that it took two years and two months to get the first 1000 pageviews and only less than two months for the second thousand!

I suppose it also helps that I have actually been writing blog posts lately...

Anyway, thanks for reading. I'm really enjoying keeping this blog active :-)

My New Helper

The other night I told Hubby that I loved him, as I often do. He asked me how much, to which I replied: "More than the washing machine".

This response might seem unromantic and silly, but Hubby knew from that profound statement that he is very dear to me.

You see, we got a new washing machine a couple of weeks ago and I really do love it. Our previous washing machine was the smallest, cheapest thing I could find at Retravision 8 1/2 years ago when I was a poor uni student and about to move into a share house for the first time. With only a 4.5kg capacity, it suited me then, but with washing for a family of five looming, we decided that the time had come to upgrade, and not a moment too soon.

In the old machine, the lint filter had stopped doing any semblance of lint filtering about a year ago. The machine clunked and made scary I'm-going-to-break-soon noises and would sometimes cause the laundry to smell like stale water during and after a wash. It would take almost an hour to do a 4.5kg load. It still worked, but only just.

This new washing machine is AWESOME! Aahh, for so many reasons:

  1. It has an 8kg capacity, meaning I can actually fit a basket of clothing in one wash and one set of sheets doesn't fill it to capacity. Since getting this machine I have for the first time in a long time actually seen the bottom of my dirty towels/sheets basket.
  2. It's quick - it takes a lot less time to wash twice as much stuff.
  3. It has no separate lint filter, which means no removal of wet, slimy, caked-on lint from a useless piece of gauze.
  4. It doesn't have a huge gap between the tub and the outer shell of the machine, making it almost impossible to lose little people's socks down the abyss.
  5. It is electronic, so it has cool flashing lights and beeping noises.
  6. And probably best of all, it has a 9 hour delay function. So I can put the washing on just before having my supper at 9:30pm and the washing just does itself at 6:30am the following day. No more sneaking downstairs first thing in the morning to avoid having to take Missy Moo 2 with me (or upsetting her when I say she can't come down to the cold laundry too).
It might sound a bit silly to be raving on about a washing machine. But it's amazing how something like that making life a little easier can make such a difference to one's overall mental wellbeing! Who says material things can't buy happiness?!

02 September 2011

Running Man

It's that time of year again - our local fun run was held last weekend. Last year, I had a run, and this year it was Hubby's turn.

I'm very proud to say that he ran the 10.5kms in under an hour. He smashed my time from last year, so it looks like I'll have to get training once my body has properly recovered from having MissyMoo3. Next year I'll try again and see if I can get closer to the hour, but right now I'm a very proud wife!

35 weeks

35 weeks today. MissyMoo3, we're in the home stretch now baby!

My belly is sticking out nicely. It now touches the steering wheel when I drive after having already moved my seat back a notch. I should be able to manage moving it back one more notch but any more than that and my short little legs might not be able to reach the pedals!

I had another ante-natal appointment during the week. Unfortunately all my excited anticipation about discussing a birth plan with the doctor was for nothing - the midwife was running so late that by the time I saw her, the doctor had already left. Thankfully, she spoke with the doctor on the phone and he was happy enough to see me in a fortnight for that discussion. I was quite annoyed at the time, but I will have had another ultrasound by then to check on MissyMoo3's growth, so the timing for our birth "chat" will probably be better then anyway.

After my labour dream, I have now completed packing MissyMoo3's hospital bag. Mine is still a work in progress.

Today I felt the most tired I have felt this pregnancy (well at least I think so - I've already forgotten the first trimester fatigue). I think it's a combination of being so far along in the pregnancy, chasing the MissyMoos and having to stay up late (until 9:30pm!) to have my supper so I have enough carbs in my system to get me through the night. This evening I had a little snooze after dinner which has pepped me up a bit. The carpet needs vacuuming but that will just have to wait until tomorrow...

01 September 2011

Springing Into Spring

We are having such a lovely day that I just had to write about it. This morning Hubby left for work early but the MissyMoos and I all slept in. I managed to put on a load of washing and have a shower before they woke up, which made the morning run so much more smoothly. Adding to the smoothness of the morning, MissyMoo1 (4) decided to dress herself without drama even before I asked her to! The MissyMoos had a lovely jump on the trampoline in the morning sunshine after breakfast. Their giggles and singing made a sunny day even sunnier! Some friends came over to visit this morning with their kidlets. Although we used to see each other at least weekly at playgroup, in recent weeks things have kept cropping up and it seemed like we hadn't caught up in ages, so it was great to see them, if only for a short visit. Then Hubby, awesome man that he is, decided that as he had started work so early, he was able to come home for lunch with his little family. Yay! Having him home for a bit in the middle of the day really perked the girls up. We were talking about it now being September and MissyMoo1 jumped up excitedly shouting "yay, winter is over!" That just about sums up the mood of today! Now I'm sitting in the backyard sunning my little white legs (yes, back to the old habit of blogging on the iPhone!) while the MissyMoos are running around the yard, alternating between playing in the sandpit and playing chasies. If this is a sign of things to come this spring, bring it on!
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