31 August 2011


If you've read my earlier post on the subject (http://francescawriteshere.blogspot.com/2011/07/cool-stuff-i-get-to-do-because-i-have.html), you'll know I'm partial to knitting. Lately in the evenings, when I have not been blogging or ironing, I have been busily knitting away at a blanket for MissyMoo3. Last night, I finally finished it and here is a photo of the finished product...

... and here is a close-up of the pattern...

When I showed MissyMoos 1 & 2 this morning they were suitably impressed. Let's hope MissyMoo3 gets some great cuddly time from it when she joins us on the outside!

27 August 2011

34 weeks

I seem to think this every week, but the weeks seem to be passing by quite quickly.

There have been no new notable ailments this week, but older ones have been rather prevalent. The main one is the strength of MissyMoo3's movements. I seriously feel like I'm being beaten up from the inside. Sometimes it's kicks up top and other times it's punches in quick succession towards the bottom. Yesterday and today I saw a foot shape! So uncomfortable but so cool at the same time!

The diabetes has been pretty stable this past week and I'm happy to say I haven't had to increase the medication as I thought I would. But I have had to be rather disciplined with the diet.

Today I went to a friend's baby shower. She is due two days after me with her first child and also has to watch her blood glucose levels. It was great to go along and do pregnant things together. There were so many yummy sweets and treats on offer though and we both had to be very good girls!

I've been quite tired the past few days and I'm realising that I need to start to slow down a bit, so a bit more sitting around on the couch instead of doing housework will need to take place. MissyMoo1 (4) has been very helpful and offers me blankets and cushions when I'm resting - she's such a sweetheart.

I had a fantastic birth dream last night. It was painless, happened really quickly and I actually "felt" the urge to push in my sleep, which was a little weird but thankfully, not real! I woke up thinking it might be time to think about packing mine and MissyMoo3's hospital bag, just in case...

24 August 2011

Lazy Day

How timely for me to be reading this article in the Sydney Morning Herald tonight.


Today the MissyMoos and I did not leave the house. We spent a couple of hours outside in the sunshine and they jumped on the trampoline, climbed their "castle" playground thingy, helped me hang the washing and had a picnic morning tea.

Inside I did no housework and they watched very little TV. We did craft and play-doh together, played dress-ups and danced to boppy music on cds.

It's been the best day of my week so far.

22 August 2011

Technology: It's Great! ... When it Works

My work computer and I have had an uneasy relationship in recent weeks. But that is really the latest bar of dissonance in the composition that has been my life-long relationship with computers.

I actually thought that if I studied computer science at uni, it would help me to understand and possible improve my track record with these beasts. That was twelve years ago and I only lasted one and a half semesters. First semester was great - with some tutoring from a third year who lived in my residential college, I managed to understand what I was doing and get good marks. But in second semester, the gremlins reappeared and, knowling all effort was futile, I quit while I was ahead. (Having been adequately spooked, the next year I commenced studies in Arts and Law!)

The inspiration for tonight's blog post is what happened (or rather, didn't happen) at work today. In recent weeks I've been chatting quite frequently with members of our friendly IT department due to various issues with encryption and synchronisation on my work computer. But today, I was excited. We were having new Microsoft Office software installed on our computers and it looked great in this morning's training session. I was looking forward to playing with it. (And I'm actually not too bad at figuring things out when it comes to using programs; I was just useless at writing them).

But the feeling wasn't mutual.

I have come to the conclusion that my work computer does not take well to change.

For an update that was supposed to be installed quickly and seamlessly at midday, it was up and running at 4:50pm. So with me working two days per week, that was basically half my work week taken out when combining training time with inability-to-use-computer time. This is through no fault of IT personnel mind you, just my belligerent laptop. At every step of the way, anything that could have gone wrong, did (and, seemingly, things that couldn't have gone wrong as well). During one (of many) conversations with my friendly IT colleague, I mentioned the possibility that my computer might be cursed (thinking that his logical mind would dismiss the notion outright). His response was that the thought has actually crossed his mind. Reassuring, isn't it?

Whilst he assured me that I wasn't bugging him, he must by now contemplate running away to Siberia when he sees my name appear on his phone as an incoming call. I would.

The saving grace in all of this (for my friendly IT colleague as well as myself) is that, working two days per week, with MissyMoo3 on the way and one work day offsite for a planning / workshop day, I only have six days remaining during which I must interact with my computer. I use the term "interact" broadly because although we have reached an uneasy truce for now, the way the relationship has been deteriorating recently, we may not be on speaking terms for much longer...

18 August 2011

33 weeks

Okay so I'm not officially 33 weeks pregnant until tomorrow, but as my plans for tomorrow night involve getting reacquainted with my ironing basket, I don't think there will be much time for blogging.

Overall, the past week has been quite good, all things considered. My new notable ailment of the week leads into a new milestone of the pregnancy. The muscles at the base of my belly now get quite sore when I lie in bed, so I have finally had to bite the bullet and do the big pregnant woman thing: lay a pillow under the side of my belly when I sleep. Although I did this reluctantly at first, I haven't looked back. Sure, I might take up even more of the bed, and it's an extra thing to do when rolling over during the night, but the difference it makes to my comfort is immeasurable! Another ailment which has crept into my life in the last couple of days (and has not really gone away) is backache. So now I really do waddle!

I also had a check-up yesterday, which went quite well. Although I'll have to increase my meds again in a few days and I'll probably go on insulin in a fortnight, compared to my previous outing to the hospital a fortnight earlier it was fantastic.

At my previous check-up at 30 weeks and 5 days, I had the MissyMoos with me (bad start, yes, but necessary as MissyMoo2 had a specialist appointment at the same hospital on the same day). Having them with me made it difficult to ask questions and spend time with the midwife and diabetes doctor, but I managed to overhear (over the girls' repeated requests for food, drink, toys etc) the doctors hinting at putting me on insulin and discussing the possibility that I am developing type 1 diabetes in adulthood - pretty much because I am still fairly young, not overweight and don't have a complete direct family history of type 2 diabetes but have still managed to have gestational diabetes every pregnancy. That freaked me out a little. Then to top it off, that afternoon MissyMoo2's specialist said that she needed surgery on her left hip. (That's completely another story which I'm not prepared to blog about just yet, still very raw and we are still at the stage of gathering information before making a decision to put a 2-year-old through elective surgery). Anyway, I had arrived at the hospital that morning feeling nervous, and had left that afternoon in tears.

This week's appointment then, at 32 weeks and 5 days, was quite a bit better! I arrived feeling anxious and left with a smile and a bounce in my step (well, as much of a bounce as one can have in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy). My blood test results showed my blood glucose levels in the last three months have been perfect (no mean feat considering how much chocolate I had been eating to make the most of not yet having gestational diabetes before I was diagnosed with it!), and I have no antibodies indicating development of type 1 diabetes. So why the gestational diabetes each time? Just lucky I guess. But at least I have my motivation back to be fit and healthy after MissyMoo3 is born whilst no longer having to count the carbs. And while I might have to go onto insulin at my next visit, at least I have two weeks to get used to the idea. As well as all that, I found out that I will be talking to an actual doctor at my next appointment with a view to looking at some kind of birth plan. Yay, meeting MissyMoo3 is getting closer.

Oh and to top it all off, while I was in the appointment, I received a text from a dear school friend of mine announcing the birth of her third child the night before. Can't get much better than that!

14 August 2011

New Look

In celebration of having broadband internet at home again, I have given the blog a bit of a revamp.

Hubby has done a wonderful job of getting the net up and running for us again and now, thanks to his efforts, I am also reaping the rewards.

For the first time in ages I am actually able to see my blog on a computer screen and no longer will I be using hubby's iPhone to write posts. It was convenient to a point, but incredibly irritating too. I can't believe how good it feels to actually be typing on a computer with ten fingers, instead of touching the phone's screen with one, and to see everything on the page at once!

I have been able to look around at templates, play with colours and fonts, and - shock horror - click and drag page elements around! I might do a bit more playing around with things on here in the next few days...

13 August 2011

32 weeks

Wow, 32 weeks, well and truly into the thirties now.

The best thing from this past week was the ultrasound I had on Thursday. I had been fairly nervous about it, as its purpose was to check MissyMoo3's size because of the gestational diabetes. My nervousness came from having had a big baby before...

The woman who performed the ultrasound was fantastic. She told me what she was doing at every stage. "This is the bladder. It has fluid in it which means the baby's kidneys are working". Good. "This is the stomach. That black mark is amniotic fluid, which means the baby is swallowing". Great! And now for the best bit: "These are the measurements. This cross is those measurements plotted on the graph and this is the 50th percentile line". Fan-bloody-tastic! Only once before have I been so relieved to hear the word "average" associated with a child of mine and it was in a similar situation to this. Pretty much everything was tracking on or close to that middle line and I was so pleased to hear it. Hey stranger, do you want to comment about my belly? Say what you will, this bubba's average size, yippee!

I know there's still a long way to go, but having that snapshot at this interval was just the inspiration I needed to hang in there (and resist the temptation of lollies and chips we had on offer this morning to our visitors!).

New notable ailment of the week: massive calf cramp in the middle of the night. Also, the only time I have laid down on my back for any length of time recently has been at ultrasound / midwife appointments, but ouch, getting up from that position is tricky and quite hard on the back!

09 August 2011

Keeping the Faith

As I mentioned in my last post, things other than pregnancy have been my focus over the past week or so, with various health issues for family members filling my mind.

Hubby and I were talking about it on Friday night. I’m not often very poetic in my thoughts – imagery and analogy aren’t often how I process things, but the perfect imagery came to my mind just before we started talking about it and developed as I vocalised it.

Lately it has felt like waves have been washing over me, as if I am out in the ocean and each waves is a new problem, or new aspect to a problem. I’m trying so hard, putting in so much effort and it feels as though I’m barely treading water. I successfully float and get some air, only to have the next wave to wash over my head. Now I wonder, should I struggle against it, aiming for shore but getting nowhere? Should I just let the waves come, surrender, let the current carry me and see where it takes us?

The next night, with that image of sinking in the water still in the back of my mind, we were at Mass and the Gospel really stood out for me. It was where Peter and the other disciples were in a boat in the middle of the water and Jesus was away in the distance a bit. The disciples weren’t sure if it really was Jesus out there so Peter said to Jesus: “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you across the water”. Peter got out of the boat and began walking on water, but as soon as the wind picked up, he got scared and began to sink. Jesus grabbed Peter’s hand and pulled him up, saying “Man of little faith, why did you doubt?”

That reading brought to mind what I already knew: that as one problem has piled on top of another over the past week or two, my doubt has also increased. I haven’t prayed much, I’ve thought, what’s the point? I pray and these things are still happening to us. But as my mother-in-law said, the flip side is that maybe things could have been worse without the power of prayer. I don’t know. Whatever the case, the imagery of the waves in my own mind coupled with hearing Matthew’s gospel the next day made me sit up and take notice. I know I am not in control and it was just the jolt I needed to keep on keeping on. Hopefully, even if difficult situations in life arise (and let’s face it, they do for everyone), we can face the decisions we have to make with strength and wisdom – that’s what I’ll be praying for anyway.

31 weeks

To be honest, my focus has not really been on the pregnancy this past week as other things have been taking up my time and attention.

There are no new notable ailments this week, just more of the old ones: diabetes, heartburn – wow, I make pregnancy sound so glamorous don’t I?! I have been managing the diabetes ok, and I am getting used to the diet. I have only had one really hungry day so far. Despite my efforts on the diet front, this week saw me start oral medication – just a low dose at this stage though so things are still manageable and on track.

MissyMoo3 just keeps getting stronger and there are now definitely discernible sleep/wake patterns. For example, she loves to party between 9pm and 10pm – just when her old mum is trying to go to sleep. Ah, young people of today!
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