28 June 2011

Plug: Juicy Tours, Albania

Most people will occasionally daydream about doing something completely out there and exotic. A friend of mine is living it. She recently moved halfway around the world to start a tour company in Albania. I very much admire her adventurous spirit. With MissyMoo3 on the way, it is definitely out of my reach, but if you're interested in exploring this part of Europe, check out the website!


26 June 2011

No Fuss, All Fun

MissyMoo2 turned two last weekend. We had planned to have a family day out at a farm about an hour's drive from home. We had done the same outing for MissyMoo1's second birthday a couple of years ago and she had enjoyed seeing all the farm animals as well as the resident koalas and wallabies.

Unfortunately there were a couple of key differences in the lead-up to MissyMoo2's birthday to that of the equivalent one of her big sister. MissyMoo2's birthday is in winter, not summer, and instead of lovely weather, in the week preceding MissyMoo2's birthday it was pretty much non-stop rain. Even if the sun did shine that day, we figured we would be knee deep in mud. So we made the disappointing decision a couple of days beforehand not to make a farm tradition of the second birthday, and to stay home instead.

It was the best decision we could have made.

The day of MissyMoo2's birthday was a glorious winter's day. The MissyMoos, Hubby, my parents and I had a little party at home. Balloon blowing and streamer throwing began at 9:30am and did not stop until late afternoon. We were eating all day, there was no driving and the MissyMoos played all day inside and out. I think that in an era of children's parties gone crazy with exhorbitant amounts of money spent on venues and entertainment, it was a beautiful reminder of how much fun children can have when they entertain themselves, and how much fun the adults can have watching them and spending time with their nearest and dearest.

22 June 2011

Quote #3

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love."

- Mother Teresa

06 June 2011

Home Alone

Last weekend, hubby and I had an evening to ourselves to go out for dinner for my birthday. We dropped the MissyMoos off at my parents' house on Saturday afternoon, where they stayed overnight. After dropping them off, hubby and I felt a little, well, lost. We realised that we had not had no children overnight for over two years, since before MissyMoo2 was born.

Our first stop was a café for some afternoon tea. It was a relief not to have to concentrate on little people but we found we could not relax and were talking about the kids most of the time. Later that afternoon at home I had a shower and although the house contained no little people, I could have sworn I could hear screaming and crying through the sound of the water. During the course of the afternoon, hubby and I slowly began to relax and enjoy our quiet house. At Mass that evening we guiltily enjoyed the fact that the kids making distracting loud noises were not ours.

And then came dinner. Oh, it was soooo good. We went to a local restaurant so there was no long drive. We had a secluded table for two with a water view. We enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal, hubby had a glass of red & I had a mocktail. But by far the best part of it was the things we didn't do. We didn't have to go for a walk to amuse children while we waited for our meal, we didn't have to eat dinner in daylight in winter, cut up food into tiny pieces, or eat our meals cold because we had spent so long organising the meals of others. We didn't have to leave without having dessert because someone was getting restless and ended the evening crying after banging her head whilst crawling under the table...

We had wanted to make the most of the night out and had had plenty of ideas of where to go after dinner. But in the end, full tummies and tiredness led us back home at 9pm! I guess parenthood changes you for good, even if your kids aren't actually physically present!

Hubby and I really enjoyed our night off, however we both remarked that the most overwhelming feeling of all was guilt. Every time we found some pleasure in an aspect of time without the children, the counter-weight of guilt at feeling that way surfaced immediately and would not be shaken off.

I love my kids and I did miss them terribly by the time my generous parents brought them back the next day. I tell you what though, I'll suffer the guilt for a night off every now and then ... once every couple of years anyway.

04 June 2011

Sneak Peek - The Discovery

Yesterday I went for another ultrasound. Apparently baby had been moving too much the first time to get enough good pictures of the heart & spine. As soon as I was told there would have to be another scan, I worked hard to suppress any excitement about finding out the baby's sex lest I be disappointed by ambiguity once again.

The scan went well. My lovely mother looked after the MissyMoos so I could go along without distraction (Hubby was at work). Baby moved a bit, but because we didn't have to redo all the measurements again, the guy doing the scan was able to concentrate on getting a lot of pictures of the important stuff: heart, spine ... and the baby's sex.

About halfway through the scan, he confirmed what hubby and I had suspected - it's another girl! At first I was just plain relieved. Although each baby is different, we already have two girls so we have a fair idea of what to expect. Having had one born in summer and one in winter, we have all conceivably necessary clothing for our spring baby. We have all the toys, wraps, towels, you name it, we're already ready.

After the initial relief, I allowed my complete joy to surface. The picture I'd quietly hoped for and dared to glimpse in my mind of three little girls was now something I could freely look forward to. People have often asked me upon finding out I'm pregnant with my third child: "Are you trying for a boy?" Don't get me wrong, I would have been very happy to be having a boy too - it would have had its own set of wonders and joys to cherish. But we weren't trying for a boy, we were trying for another child. And I think that with three girls, I can picture my family as complete and I'll be the happiest mum in the world!
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